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4th Grade Math (SAMPLE)


Please enjoy this free sample book with 6 days of activities designed to help your 4th grade students or child develop and maintain a strong mathematics core using these powerful, spiral-based learning activities.

Product Description

Help your 4th grade students or child develop and maintain a strong mathematics core using these powerful, strands-based learning activities.

Math Strands Fitness was created to ensure ongoing practice of math concepts and skills. This activity book is standards-based and represent standards outlined by the Core Curriculum, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) as well as the California State Standards for Mathematics. Inside you’ll find, tips for teachers and parents, 34 strands practice sets with answer keys, and student sample work. It was conceived and designed to provide the following unique learning benefits:

  • Skills scaffold progressively. The pages are ordered to help students develop skills in preparation for later pages and to maintain fitness going forward.
  • Activities build student confidence. The activities in this book not only cover Core Curriculum standards, but also support review and extension of standards across grade levels. Simply put, students receive numerous opportunities to “get it” and hold on to it.
  • Materials offer granular assessment. Students performance on skills pages provides refined feedback for ongoing teacher instruction.
  • Usage relieves “cramming” for standardized testing. Because strands are developed simultaneously, all strands will be introduced and practiced prior to state and national testing windows.
  • Skills span grade levels. Students can review skills from previous years and be introduced to associated future concepts.
  • Activities reinforce connections between mathematical strands. Skills and concepts are not taught as isolated learnings. Math Strands Fitness pages require students to use thinking from all strands to complete the activities.

Authored by Liberty V. Deal
Publication Date: Jul 13 2014
Edition: 1
Page Count: 118
Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Language: English
Related Categories: Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics


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